Monday, 30 January 2012

Toddler Tutu

This pretty little tutu skirt is fast becoming a favourite make for friends with little girls (I love sewing for little girls; boys are so unappreciative of Mama-makes!).  This latest tutu was made for possibly the most adorable little girl I know, Lula-Rose, who celebrated her second birthday this weekend.

So simple and satisfying to make and easily grade-able for any size (of course I'm wondering... Could I get away with it???), so I reckon I might have to put together a little tutorial... at some point... but don't hold your breath.  Things are getting busier over here.


  1. Oh, this little tutu is too cute! And I bet you can totally get away with one too ;o)

  2. Soooo gorgeous. Can you make one for me pleeaaaaaase? What if we cry and cry until you post a tutorial :-)?

    1. Hahaha! Ok, Janey, you've twisted my arm... it seems flattery will get you most anywhere...! Tutorial coming soon, watch this space xxx

  3. Yes so cute! You are a nice friend to make these for their little girls!


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